28 December 2012

Thoughts: Support Our Troops

I've been told by several well meaning people "Thank you for your service". (Yeah, I'm a vet.) I never know quite what to say to that, though. You're welcome? Wake up, we've been lied to?

I hear people everywhere saying "Support our troops." What the heck does that mean? Nothing. It's a meaningless phrase. If you really wanted to support the troops, you'd quit electing people who send us off to die in undeclared and unconstitutional wars.

I hear so-called conservatives rant about "Boots on the ground", mostly secure in the fact that it won't be their boots. This is the part that gets ignored- people come back broken, mentally and physically, and can't get it together. Consider the fact that it was only two years ago that the VA admitted that Agent Orange may have been bad for people. They still deny that exposure to depleted uranium is causing health problems. Don't even get me started on PTSD.

The growing number of homeless vets is just one of the symptoms.

Propaganda-driven wars for profit are the problem. Support the troops, bring them home.

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