08 December 2012

Thoughts: Urban Apartments

You may have noticed the title of my blog says "Suburban". There's a reason for that. I've been to a number of cities, both overseas and in the States, and I didn't like any of them. My impression was that they were noisy, dirty, crowded, the people were rude, and nobody knew how to drive. That was during the good times. I don't want to be anywhere near one in an emergency.

However, some of my relatives choose to live in or on the outskirts of large cities. Don't ask me why.

This guy has put a lot of thought into prepping in a big city, and I think he has some good points to make, especially on avoiding detection and the danger of fire:

Selco over at SHTF school writes about the subject, too. He was trapped in one of the cities in the Balkans. I can't read too much of what he writes in one sitting, because I saw some of it too. There are some stories that don't improve with retelling.