10 November 2012

Safety & security: Weapons

You won't hear me discussing the latest innovation in "tactical" knives.

Knives are tools and kitchen implements.

You won't hear me expounding on the virtues of my collapsible baton.

Bats and clubs are sporting equipment.

While they have their place, alarms are not the way to defend your home.

Security alarms are noisemakers.

Swords, spears, axes, bows and what-have-you are highly effective.

In Dungeons & Dragons.

Dogs are companions, with sharper senses.

They're not infallible home protectors.

Pepper spray and other noxious substances are great.

They blind and choke everyone in the room, including yourself.

Handguns, shotguns and rifles are the only forms of home defense that need any serious discussion.

I am proficient in all three, and you should be too.