13 November 2012

Safety & security: Emergency lighting

You can't shoot what you can't see, so keep the lights on.

First off, go look on the outside of your house and find your electric meter. There is usually a box next to it that houses the service disconnect for your electricity. Do you have a padlock on it? I do. It has a hasp on it already, that's what it's for. It makes it much harder for some joker to shut off your electricity.
Second, if your power outage is more widespread, it's nice to have some lights that come on automatically when the electricity goes out. That way you don't stub your toe in the dark while getting to your real emergency gear. These nifty toys plug into your outlets and do just that. Plus, you can use them as a flashlight if need be.

 Third, I hope it goes without saying that it's not a bad idea to have some security lights outside. The little dinky solar pathlights aren't really going to cut it, but a solar floodlight will do the trick.
Just a tip, if you open up most solar lights you'll find they have rechargable batteries inside. Have more on hand, because rechargable batteries are only good for so many charge cycles. You may have noticed that solar lights seem to get dimmer as they get older- that's usually why.