10 November 2012

Pictures: from this spring

Bearded irises. I have them in several colors, and I love them to death. They come back every year no matter how awful the summer has been or how much I neglect them.

Stupid lettuce. Every year I try some new heat tolerant variety, but no matter how early I plant it or how I try to shade it, it always bolts.

Grapevines. I should prune them more than I do, but I'm just happy they grow with little trouble.

Blanket flowers (and a weed I was too lazy to pull). I grow flowers, but only if they're not fussy. All my decorative plants are drought and heat tolerant.

My beloved nectarine tree. I don't spray, so the fruit really aren't pretty enough for fresh eating, but I put up homemade nectarine butter every year.

Pinks. I think this was "Firewitch", but my marker got lost and I don't remember.


Showy Evening Primroses. The yellow flowers I don't remember planting.

Climbing heirloom roses, "Don Juan" if I remember correctly.

Yarrow. Another one that thrives on heat and drought. I take a string trimmer to the very top periodically when the blooms start to fade.